Since 1970 we've owned and run our family farm near Seymour in northeastern Wisconsin.  We grow our own feeds for the animals, and we use ethical, sustainable farming practices to raise high-quality beef and hogs - and it's all certified organic.

You can buy packages of frozen organic meats directly at our farm or place a larger order with us and pick it up from a local meat processor when it's ready. Buying directly from farmers like us is more personal than going to the grocery store. You'll be able to see exactly where your food comes from and how it was raised.

We'll do our best to make working with us easy and enjoyable. To start with, maybe we can help you with our strange-looking last name: it's German and is pronounced "COIN-ee".

Grass-Fed, Organic Beef

Almost any cut of beef you'd find in a store you can get from us. Our beef is in high demand, so our stock of frozen cuts is constantly changing.  You can request a quarter, half, or whole organic beef, and we'll let you know when it will become available.

High Quality, Organic Pork

With over 50 years of experience raising hogs now, we regularly hear our customers say that it's the best pork they've ever tasted.  We offer all the traditional cuts as well as brats, breakfast links, hams, and bacon. We can also sell a half or whole organic hog that you can have cut to your specifications.


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