Certified Organic

MOSA seal

We have been certified through Midwest Organic Services Association that everything on our farm - land, plants, feeds and animals - meet the standards of the USDA National Organic Program.  Everything on our farm is raised without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. 


Crops – We use no genetically engineered seeds and no insecticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers on our fields.  We maintain a diversified crop rotation, adding manures, composts and cover crops to sustain the mineral content of our soil.  We monitor the health of the land and crops by periodically doing soil and feed tests.  By raising organic crops, we produce nutrient-dense food for both us and our livestock without the health problems that such chemicals can cause.

Grass-fed beef – In 1995 we started raising beef in order to diversify our farm. As we came to appreciate the benefits of grazing and grassfed beef, we moved away from breeding Simmentals and Galloways in favor of Red Devons in order to produce the best quality of meat for our climate and methods.  Our beef are all completely grass-fed; they graze rotationally on pastures from spring through fall and eat organic hay that we store for the winter months.  We have a shed where they can take shelter from the weather, but they are free to roam.

Pork – We've been raising hogs for over 30 years, keeping careful records and constantly working to improve quality through selective breeding. We currently use the Berkshire and Chester White breeds that work well in our system to produce quality pork.  They are on pasture during the growing season and in straw-bedded barns in the winter when it's too cold for them outside.


Windrows from the barley harvest.



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